Using Natural Light

The best light source for food photography is natural light. Find a window in your house that has near to all direct sunlight. That window would be the best place to take food photos. In my house I only take food photography photos at one window in my house, which has a table next to the window so it makes it easier to take photos. If the sun is too strong on your subject; you can diffuse the sun by closing the curtains, covering the window with a white bed sheet or with something white and somewhat see through. Covering the window will makes the sunlight less harsh on your subject. Sometimes while using natural sunlight there can be harsh shadows on your subject. To get rid of the shadow you can bounce the light by using a piece of white poster paper or a professional bounce, which is usually shaped like a plastic white circle, I usually use white poster paper. Then you will angle the poster paper down at the subject that has the shadow thus getting rid of the shadow. In the photo you can see a shadow next to the coffee bag because the light is coming from the right side of the subject. As well as, the coffee beans on the left side of the pile of coffee beans are darker because there is a shadow on the beans. I do like having some shadows in photos because sometimes shadows makes a photo have more character. Also, I choose to use natural light rather than using artificial light because natural light looks nicer in photos and sometimes while taking photos with light bulbs there can be a yellow tone in the photos or makes the photo look bad. Deciding what light source that you use for your food photography is important for taking a nice photo.

This photo was taken by me


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